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Laptops are a very important piece of equipment in a computer user’s world. You can take them with you and do your work anywhere; you can even search the net where there is a Wi-Fi connection.

Because of the portability and the compact size of laptops most users take them while traveling. These are some reasons most users have problems.

Users accidentally drop their laptops, spill some sort of liquid substance, and the everyday wear and tear of plugging and unplugging the power cord can cause damage to your laptop very quickly. The big question is do you want to replace your laptop or buy a new one?

In today’s world, the choice to repair or buy a new laptop is an easy answer. Why spend more money on purchasing a new laptop when we can repair your laptop back to factory condition for much less than the cost of buying a brand new one.

Is Your Laptop Broken?

Sellers Computer Repair will fix your laptop for the lowest reasonable price in the  North Platte and surrounding area, making it more affordable to repair your laptop instead of purchasing a new one. There is no need to put your old laptop in the closet when we can fix it to run like brand new.

Bring your damaged laptop to us and we’ll restore your laptop back to working order.

Laptop Repair

Your Laptop Repair Techs:

  • Comprehensive hard drive integrity and ram tests
  • Laptop Repair
  • Clean any and all virus, spyware and malware
  • Complete tune up and optimization
  • Repair or replace any bad parts
  • Install Virus / Spyware Scanners
  • Upgrade Hardware (Ram, Hard Drive, Video, etc.)
  • Install any software programs
  • LCD screen on portable computers
  • Replace / Repair DC jack
  • Clean case of dust and dirt
  • Install Windows Updates / Optimize Windows
  • Install printers / scanners / cameras etc.
  • Password reset
  • Fix / replace non-working keyboard only

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Virus Removal $35.00 Flat Rate Price For Residential Customers.

Virus Removal