1. What is one of the most important things you should do with your data on your computer like pictures or any type of important information that you need?

 Answer: You should always back up your data on your computer this can illuminate users from losing very important data like pictures that cannot be replaced, homework for school, music.

2. How can I prevent viruses from infecting my computer?

Answer: by keeping your virus protector updated can help prevent viruses on your computer.

3. Why should we choose your company to work on my computer?

Answer: We will provide you with professional quality work with a price you can afford. our technicians are highly qualified and trained.

5. How long will it take to get my computer back?

Answer: We try to get your computer fixed the same day it just depends on what is wrong with it. We will let you know when we do our diagnostic on your computer.

6. If I have you build my website will users that use smartphone be able to view my site?

Answer: all of our website will be coded to be compatible with all sizes of smart phones. Smartphones are used by everyone and websites need to be adaptable to smart phones also.

7. Is there ever any downtime on your web hosting?

Answer: We offer 99.9 percent up time. Our technicians our always checking our network to make sure it is up and running so if there is any problems they will be fixed Immediately.

Virus Removal $35.00 Flat Rate Price For Residential Customers.

Virus Removal